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G.G.ENGINEERING LTD was established on 23rd January 2006 to cater to the rising demand of Quality sheet metal and heavy steel products.The organization is headed by Mr. Vinod Beriwal , MBA from Welingkar institute Mumbai and Kamal Beriwal .

The company has a well equipped manufacturing unit at Palej GIDC, Dist-Bharuch, Gujarat, with an area of 40000 sq. ft. and covered area of around 12,000 sq. Ft. Our team comprises of well Trained Engineers, skilled labour to execute all types of manufacturing activities such as punching, forming, shearing, bending, fabrication, welding,& assembly etc. Our design office is equipped with latest CAD technology being handled by well experience and qualified engineers.


Rvm Machine

India is huge country with over 1.3bn population, which makes it world’s second most populated country. It is also considered as sub-continent as its land mass. Most of the part in India has tropical climate which makes it most suitable to growth of population and use of resources. India is fast developing country which means a huge population shiftfrom villages to cities and that is because of increasing income level. As we all know high income leads to high consumption and high consumption leads to high generation of waste. So, the volume of waste that is generated in this huge developing country is astounding roughly around 62 Mn ton, out of which only 43Mn ton is collected and only 12 Mn ton is treated. Infect, some estimationsindicate the growth of waste generation by Indian cities is around 8% per year. This is waste includes some biodegrable waste like paper and food which cause less problem but other waste which cannot be decomposed like plastic has huge problem for Indians and Indian government as well. Plastics is replacing almost everything in our daily life and growing very fast. It has more than 15% share of total waste generated in India. These numbers are not only surprising for us but also a matter of concern as well and alarm for our future generation.


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