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India is huge country with over 1.3bn population, which makes it world’s second most populated country. India is fast developing country which means a huge population shift from villages to cities and that is because of increasing income level. As we all know high income leads to high consumption and high consumption leads to high generation of waste. So, the volume of waste that is generated in India is astounding roughly around 62 Million ton, out of which only 43 Million ton is collected and only 12 Million ton is treated. Infect, some estimation indicate the growth of waste generation by Indian cities is around 8% per year. This is waste includes some biodegrable waste like paper and food which cause less problem but other waste which cannot be decomposed like plastic has huge problem for Indians and Indian government as well. Plastics is replacing almost everything in our daily life and growing very fast. It has more than 15% share of total waste generated in India. These numbers are not only surprising for us but also a matter of concern as well and alarm for our future generation.

GG Engineering Ltd. led by Vinod Beriwal develops machines and has a dedicated team for research and development. GG Engineering Ltd. keeps social responsibilities as a top priority and works for a better future of India. After introduction of ‘Clean India Mission’ and ‘Swach Bharat Mission’ by Government of India, GG Engineering Ltd. came up with an idea of treating waste, importantly plastic which is most tough part of the total waste generated in the country and for humankind.

GG Engineering Ltd. is coming with up with the solution to engage people dispose plastic properly. The whole process starts from collection and ends with recycling. The most amazing part of this process is paying those who are into collection of waste because 43 Million ton of total 62 Million ton is still not collected in India. There is no proper channel to collect this huge quantity and GG Engineering Ltd. is taking it as challenge and responsibility.

We, at GG Engineering Ltd., are rolling out cutting edge recycling technology along with developing a reward program for the people who are helping us in waste collection. We believe participation of more people will help us take more responsibility for this humanitarian work and make our planet plastic free. We are committed towards the vision of waste free environment in India and our mission is to reach to every Indian city to participate in ‘Clean India Mission’ with our technology and programs.

  • 100% recycling country

  • Waste free country

  • Plastic pollution free country

  • Clean place to live in


The problem of PET plastic waste can be managed systematically and in optimized way by collecting in reverse vending machine.

Our Research and development team has developed a machine named Reverse Vending Machine which is automated and smart technology reverse vending machine. We provide our customers full solution according to their requirements. GG Engineering Ltd. is supplying customized machineries as per market requirements. Our machine accepts plastic bottles and press to minimalistic size which is easy to transport till recycling facility and in return of that it vends out some rewards to the person depositing bottle. That helps in collecting plastic bottle and also collecting separately at source.


1. The project tends to benefit all the parties involved, but most importantly it benefits the environment.
2. It reduces landfills and increases recycling.
3. It gives immediate reward for users on returning bottles and motivating repeated use.
4. It generates employment in our society specially ragpicker and recyclers both.
5. It provides prominent advertising space for other products/services to enhancing their visibility and outreach.


Insert the bottle into insertion hole.
Press the finish button on screen after the process.
Get reward in terms of printing coupon/E-wallet.


1. Touch Screen.
2. Coupon Printer.
3. Collection Bin and Collection Bag.
4. Separate bottle cap Collection.
5. Voice Navigation System.

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